It is A’s birthday today - 29th December 2013.

I would like to take this short time that I am away from you (haha)

to tell you that I love you so much and everything had changed since I 

met you. We swirl swirl chocolate and vanilla and still blend in nicely.

Being from two different parts of the world, different race, culture

does not stop us from learning and understanding about each other.

I love you. Now to spend a brilliant day together <3



25 December 2013 - Dubai, UAE

This is the second Christmas I am spending with you and I do feel a tradition creeping up our sleeves. 

I am very happy to be here with you. We have come so far from understanding each other in the most basic manner, we are from different countries, we are two different races, meaning different cultures and traditions.

For all that everything is worth, I would like to thank you for being there as a friend, as someone I could always look up to and depend on, emotionally. 

I hope you don’t get too annoyed with all the photographs I will be taking of you, us 24/7. 

I love you xoxo


Dubai - December 11 2013

As I write, we are currently in UAE - Dubai. We arrived yesterday around 08:30am. We had a very busy day. I met A’s sister and we all spent the day together. I watched them play Capoeira for a performance at a hotel function (my camera was being impossible so I could not take pictures).

A’s sister is GREAT, open minded and she loves what she does. She loves cats and frowns at the sight of a cat in the streets, so she feeds it (saw this yesterday), I have not met people like her in a long time.

I also had some Iranian cuisine and later had sharwama and felafels, I haven’t had those in years!

Today is another day and we have planning ahead of us. =)

With love,